Free Ktunnel Proxy

Ktunnel Introduction

Ktunnel helps you browsing unblocked websites. Once you are connected to internet with ktunnel proxy, your IP address is hidden. This is called "anonymous browsing" and by visiting website with ktunnel, you can convinced that all of your private information, browser type, and real IP address are untraceable. By hiding your real IP address you can actually browse of major websites that cannot be accessed before. You will appear as anonymous and hence there is no problem accessing your favourite sites.

Top Benefits of Ktunnel

When you visit a website, there are many scripts, cookies and other programs that are used to track your personal data and IP address. Using ktunnel will hide such information from people who may to record it. Your IP address cannot be traced, no people can hack into your system and spread viruses. It can help you access unknown websites that may have viruses or malware in it, so you do not get problems from that site, but can still access the content in it. Ktunnel proxy have a fast server is dedicated to unblock several websites like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, YouTube and others. If you are looking for reliable proxy to use, just using Ktunnel that can actually browse some websites that cannot be accessed.

How to use Ktunnel

There are a lot of free proxies out there. You need to be selective even if they do not cost a thing. Keep in mind that because they are free, a lot of people use them, so it may take a while before you find one that you can trust it. Only ktunnel can ensure privacy when browsing all websites. Because of ktunnel is web-based on proxy service, just type website address you want to visit and click GO! Ktunnel proxy allows anyone to block cookies that track browsing information to ensure your computer's privacy, safety and right to browse the internet anonymously.

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